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Some numbers are Too Good to be True or Backordered

By Bill Quimby on December 12, 2023

Every month there’s a couple amazing numbers that get disconnected. They could be 1-800 numbers that end with three zeros, or end in four repeating digits, or are popular generic 7 digit terms. If it’s one of the top couple thousand most valuable numerics or it’s one of the top couple thousand most valuable vanity terms, it’s not just that the odds are low of getting it. It’s not worth your time backordering it, or getting your hopes up and not worth putting the resources necessary to pursue it.

We used to block any “800s” ending in 000 from being able to be backordered in the old system for that reason. The system doesn’t block them any more because our goal was to speed things up. But that doesn’t change the fact that those “shark bait numbers” aren’t going to be possible. The problem comes down to the economics. Lets say a number is worth 25K. If a phone shark gets the number, they get to keep the full value of the number, so they can afford to put A LOT OF RESOURCES into getting them. Regular phone companies don’t charge anything for getting good numbers for their customers so they put almost nothing into getting them.

We’re in between, the two. We get a few hundred dollars for backorders depending on the area code, but we’re not charging you for them based on the value of the numbers. That’s great for you! But for the “shark bait” numbers that are so obvious they stand out and are put at the top of the list by every phone shark, we’re not putting in the resources they are. We can’t and you wouldn’t want to pay that much for them even if we could.

So sure, it’d be awesome to get a number, worth tens of thousands of dollars, for a couple hundred dollars but that’s not realistic. We also only charge you if we’re able to get the number, so we have to be a little bit smart and selective in this. We used to charge a fee just to place backorders, which discouraged people from backordering unrealistic numbers a little. Now we have to turn down those high end terms. If in doubt, go ahead and backorder it. But you also have to understand why we have to cancel some backorders. It’s not because we want to get them for ourselves or don’t want to help you. But we have to be smart in what we pursue and don’t want to give you unrealistic expectations.

If you’re looking for a great numeric number, click on the purple buttons for True800 or Premium #s at the top of the results screen or in the services menu. That’s the way to get good numeric numbers. If you have questions about a number, call or chat with us and we’ll be glad to help you! We’re real people and we’re doing all this to help you get the best numbers possible.

We've helped tens of thousands of customers get great numbers over the past 25+ years

TollFreeNumbers.com staff, it has been an absolute pleasure in doing business with you. Your site was site to maneuver and purchasing was a sinch. When we were able to just put in LIXO and your list of available numbers were there, it was too easy for us not to pick 1-800-GET-LIXO! We are forever appreciative and we'll make sure to refer anyone whom asks where we got our vanity number, to you! Thanks Again!

Haywood Jackson

LIXO Sanitation

Fort worth, TX

This was our first 1-800 number and being newbies, we thought that getting a good 800 number was easy as pie. Turns out this wasn't the case! We called our phone company and asked for an 800 number and everything seemed fine until we told them that we would like to actually have something specific about it. We must have spent a week sending them numbers that we would like and they constantly replied that those specific numbers were not available. Only after all of that did the person at the other end explain that they only had a certain grouping of numbers and that every provider had a certain section of numbers. And that they couldn't tell us what numbers were available We definitely had to find a new way to get a good 1-800 number since we were going to have to live with it for ever right! We got on the web and found Tollfreenumbers.comthere are plenty of good numbers just lying there, you do need a bit of patience and creativity to find what you are looking for but we found an 888 number that is GREAT, its easy to remember and we love it! Thank you Bill, Hope, Gloria and Rita! We now have our number and are in the process of transferring it to our Provider!

Gino Paradis

East peoria, IL

Thanks a million for your caring and personal assistance. Our experience with your company has been excellent, particularly considering that we have been working with you from New Zealand. Your website tool for choosing Toll-Free Numbers is outstanding, and Im disappointed that I cant find anything like it for the rest of the globe! Thanks for providing this excellent business marketing tool, and thanks for being small enough to care Ive really appreciated the friendly and personal family business approach and would be free to recommend your services to others Ive enjoyed working with you and will be back anytime we need another number!

Roger Mascull