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Transparent upfront pricing

By Bill Quimby on October 30, 2023

One of the things almost nobody in this little niche business has is transparent upfront pricing!That sounds simple and like everyone should have that, but almost nobody does.That’s because the more advertising someone does, the more valuable a number is to them, so most vanity number vendors want to charge larger advertisers more.I understand that, and we all want to make as much money as possible.Some vanity number vendors also run their business by the seat of their pants, wheeling and dealing on everything.

I recently sent an inquiry from a customer to another vendor about one of their numbers that didn’t spell much, and they gave me a whole story about getting that number for a lawyer who they offered it to for $10,000. I told the client and then wondered if it was on their website.It was, and was only $20 a month on their website. I told the client that and how to get it on their site for almost nothing.I don’t care if that number broker sometimes makes much more than I do by putting one over on a client once in a while.If my website says something is X, then that’s what I charge, whether they’re a large company or desperate for it or not.

I’ve had people come back to buy numbers for multiple different companies as their career progressed over the past 20 years, because I’m the most consistent person and leader in the vanity number industry. You can probably tell from using my lookup tool that we are much more data driven than anyone else in the industry. My average sale is a lot smaller than almost everyone else in the vanity number industry because our upfront prices are based on the time and effort necessary to provide each service, not how deep your pockets are or even how valuable or important each number is to you.

I’m a real person and I’m here to help customers but you don’t have to haggle to get a better price, because our prices are always transparent, and nothing is hidden.You can search and order whatever you like from us right online 24 hours a day.I want to be a resource for everyone in the vanity number business and want everyone to know you can trust us to be the most upfront and honest resource in the vanity number business.

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Daniel Mirkovic

TollFreeNumbers.com is the most useful company for anyone starting up their business and needing a toll free number for the business. They have proven to be reasonable priced, quick in getting our number, and have great customer service follow-up. We highly recommend them to anyone and everyone.

Lambert Kogo

Elmhurst, IL

thank yo so much for patiently trying to find the right number for me. I almost thought I would never find it..but your perseverance paid off. I am very happy with the number and, lo and behold, my Canadian provider actually transferred the number and it has now been hooked into my home number. In my business identity and recognition is key to success, particularly since its such a short season. Thank you again for all your help., HoHoHo

Santa Claus