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Can’t you make one ultimate List?

By Bill Quimby on November 1, 2023

People have asked me this from time to time. I have so much data, can’t I just make one ultimate List, that has all of potential vanity 800s out there? If I did that, or anyone else actually did that and made it public, it would be popular with the phone sharks but would only frustrate customers. I say that because the phone sharks that put a ton of resources into getting numbers faster when they drop, would get the numbers. Regular customers would get their hopes up but wouldn’t beat the phone sharks, any more than random people beat the professionals in any sport or industry.

That’s why we can show you lists around almost any word or phrase, but there is no “shortcut”. If there was a “shortcut list”, it wouldn’t be a shortcut list very long. That’s also why the best toll free numbers have to be expensive. If they weren’t more expensive than everyone that saw them before you thought they were worth, they wouldn’t be available any more.

The real trick is to be more creative than everyone else, and to find creative options that you can turn into more valuable, memorable, more brandable names that are memorable for your business but not things that other people would look for. Those are the ones you’ll be able to get, and get a better deal on. The matching domain names will also be more readily available, and so will all the social media names to match it. So, the trick isn’t to cast a wider net for more obvious generic terms. The trick is to dig deeper and be more creative in your specific niche.

We’ve put an amazing amount of effort into making it easy to not only see the results for a single query, but to give you tons of creative options related to it. We go way beyond that and make a huge list of options for almost every term! Beat on the lookup tool and actually look through the large list of related options that we do give you. You can filter them by length, area code and type of number and that slight effort you have to put in to find those options is what makes it more possible to get them!

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