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Upfront pricing is important!

By Bill Quimby on March 22, 2023

Most people in the vanity number business base don't have such upfront and straight forward pricing. They act like it’s a limited pie and they need to get as much per slice of their pie as possible. We look at it and treat it very differently. We base the price of things on the cost to do them, running this not as a big corporation trying to maximize profit, rather doing the RIGHT thing and trusting that in the long run that’ll come back around.

The value of a good number is in some ways dependent on how much advertising the user does. So, the bigger the company asking, the higher the cost for some people in the vanity number business. They feel justified in that and don’t list the prices of things. We’re the opposite and list the prices of everything upfront with no extras or hidden fees ever. We’re one of the only companies that don’t set our fees based on the value of the numbers.We show the vanity number rank of every number right in our search results but none of our fees for toll free numbers are based on that value. The third party numbers will almost always be based on it’s value and almost all of the other vanity number companies are trying to get as much as they can for each number.

We are encouraging and pushing other companies to list prices up front, especially in the local numbers. They may not be cheap and may be negotiable but at least with a price up front you know what you’re dealing with up front so it’s not based on how deep your pockets are. That’s our goal and why we’re different.

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Let me start by saying it was a very smooth and easy transition in getting our new toll free number. Tollfreenumbers.com was able to port my number to my phone company with no problems. In fact I didn't have to do anything, they took care of it. Also I spent hours if not days looking for a specific vanity number that I wanted. It seems as though Tollfreenumbers.com has the widest database of toll free numbers. If I would have known what I know now, I could have saved a lot of time by coming to their website first. There is really no reason to look anywhere else, and not to mention they offer these great toll free numbers at the cheapest price I find. Thank you Tollfreenumbers.com, for helping iRentCanada.ca market our website by adding a great vanity number 877-387-iRent

Brandon Segal


We are very happy with the personalized service and we got a great number! The process is easy and quick. We would recommend 1800Marketer as the best way to get a toll free number.

Syed Armugham Ali

Thank you so much for your assistance through the process of purchasing a vanity 800 # to having it transferred. Your service was truly exceptional! Based on my past experience, I felt you went above and beyond to provide service. However, I've come to realize that this is your normal" standard of delivery."

Alex Dosani

Houston, TX