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Some more thoughts on vanity number negotiations

By Bill Quimby on March 11, 2024

Vanity number searchers sometimes find themselves negotiating with vendors and ask me how respond, so I wanted to give some general advice about negotiating for vanity numbers.

Offering 50% of what someone asks is lowballing it and makes it sound like you're not serious on the verge of insulting. If you offered 60 or 66% you're more likely to get a split the difference response and end up at something likas 75%, saving 25%! Offers don't usually have more than 25 to 30% room for flexibility for the same reason you don't usually get discounts or offers for more than that from any real business.

This isn't a garage sale and there are costs in every business and you're much more likely to have a positive outcome if you treat it like a business. So keep that in mind and look for that sweet spot, where you maximize the discount without insulting them and increasing the odds of blowing the deal. There are exceptions, to the rule but play the odds. On the other hand, don't say NO, without at least throwing out some type of response. You never know!

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