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Vanity Number Rank

By Bill Quimby on February 28, 2023

We have thoroughly evaluated the 8 Million possible numbers per area code, for their vanity value in more ways than anyone to calculate both the most valuable term for each 7 digit number and the overall rank of all 8 million numbers.We’ve evaluated terms based on their occurrence in the following datasets.

  • 1. Domain Names popularity in .com, .net, .org as well as 1,000 other top level domain name registries.
  • 2. Company Names weighted by the number of locations.
  • 3. City names, County Names, States and Provinces.
  • 4. Trademarks, all the Wordmarks in the USPTO less than 25 characters, live or dead.
  • 5. First and Last Names from the US Census.
  • 6. All the words and combinations of words in an enormous internet database.
  • 7. Goggle’s SEO data showing the Cost Per Click and Search Volume of every term.
  • 8. Keyword Search Results for every term
  • 9. Human review of almost of most of the top 100,000 numbers.
  • 10. Analyzing 10 years of toll free number availability.
  • 11. 10 years of visitor search logs at TollFreeNumbers.com.

That simple number you see in the corner of the search results, is the culmination of an immense amount of analysis.We have over worked for a decade, attempting to both evaluate and categorize every possible vanity number, as well as the related numbers for every term.

Ironically, we are the only major vendor that does NOT base the price of our vanity toll free numbers on the value of the vanity term.Our fees are based on the time and effort necessary to provide the number, not it’s value.But we feel it’s important to share this valuable knowledge with our visitors.Other vanity number vendors have done some (less thorough) analysis like this but would never share or provide this data to visitors.

The Rank of numbers will change at times, and we often manipulate the data, especially when customers do multiple searches to prevent anyone from being able to harvest our data.

The bottom line is that we’re Vanity Number GEEKS and have gotten more vanity numbers for customers than anyone else in the world for the past 28 years for a reason.As always we’re happy to help you get the best possible vanity numbers, phone numbers that make money, for your business!

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Tim Malm

Burlington, IA

The process is simple and clear. Like the straight forward set up and easy selection of a great number. Very affordable. Great customer service. Would recommend 1 800Marketer to everyone.

John Kautman

Jr Phoenix, AZ

Your website was great, made it easy to search for a TL number, mostly importantly the similar search result options. Timely confirmations via email and throughout the TL transfer process. Thank you!

Kelly Kjorness

Nomadic Shack

Eden prairie, MN