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Yes, They’re watching you!

By Bill Quimby on May 9, 2023

When you do a search on most other websites, someone IS watching you! Don’t be surprised if you find out afterwards that the number that was available, was suddenly taken by them because you searched for it. Most websites automatically reserve anything you find available on their lookup tool so you HAVE TO get it from them. Even worse none of them give you independent proof of ownership, and not only automatically start charging you for the service, but they may also claim, after it’s in all your advertising, that it’s THEIR NUMBER, not yours! So you can cancel their service, but you can’t take THEIR number with you if want to use a different service.

This is called front running and it’s devious and underhanded, but they don’t care.It’s especially horrible for the customer when they combine front running with claiming ownership! Our lookup will still show it available since it’s based on the status the 1st of the month, but when we go to process the order it was already taken. I won’t name names, but the only lookup tool that I know does not do this is AT&T’s. So if you want a second opinion use theirs. We never automatically reserve numbers on customers, but you have to always assume that every other site is watching and will grab your numbers!

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When I went to the website it was super informative. It was simple and easy to search for a special number. In less than 5 minutes, I had not only a great toll free number but one that was personalized to my business. I will happily recommend TollFreeNumbers.com to anyone needing a memorable vanity number. Best of all they followed up to see I needed any questions answered. Great customer service in a day in age where that is the exception not the rule.

Jerry Agee

Heber city, UT

Your website was simple to use, straight forward; and the online chat conveniently answered my questions right away. Its nice to work with a company that sincerely cares about customer service and communicates in simple terms without a lot of techno jargon. Thanks for making this such a simple seamless service

Mark Meynig

Van alstyne, TX

Details of the Recommendation: This is a solid recommendation for Bill Quimby and his company TollFreeNumbers.com. Anyone on LinkedIn who requires toll free numbers or advice on how to manage their toll free telecommunications with IT needs will benefit from contacting Bill and his company. I am amazed at the amount of information available on his website, and very thankful to have found them. Their staff and knowledge are exceptional. TollFreeNumbers.com is definitely the best in the business!

Donna Haney

Mansfield, TX