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When they say they sent it in…

By Bill Quimby on April 27, 2023

When your phone company rep says they sent the Resporg change form in, and are waiting for it to be released, most customers assume that means they sent it to us, and they’re waiting for us to release it. But that’s NOT what it means. The rep you talk to, doesn’t send the request to us. They send it to their supervisor, who probably sends it to the toll free department.They might send it to another reseller, where it goes through a couple steps provisioning and programming the number, and THEN they send it to us. They have to assign that number to your account, and put in the ring to (provisioning) information.

We can’t release a number to a big company until they request it because that’s like mailing something to a large business without putting it to your attention. It’s not going to get to you.Putting a number under their control before it’s assigned to you means it could be assigned to any account there. That’s why we have to wait for the request. The exception is some private resporgs or resporg services that give each customer their own resporg ID.

So, your request has to go through multiple hands at your phone company before it gets to us for a reason. Those steps are important because you don’t just want us to release it, you want them to make sure it’s assigned to you and provisioned properly too. We’re happy to release it, even after hours or on a weekend, we’re happy to do our part but we want it to be done properly for you too!

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You were a pleasure to work with. For very little cost you were incredibly helpful--and enjoyable to talk with when I called for help and you actually answered. I would tell anyone looking to get a personalized 800 number to contact you. Thanks again for all your help. Brad

Brad Reinhart

Phoenix, AZ

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, Bill and Hope for the A+ customer service youve given me over the years. With your amazing dedication and commitment, Ive managed to secure and own several vanity numbers in that time. If there was a number to be had, 1800Marketers had it. What I found most impressive, was the fact that you follow up after the sale, to be sure the toll free numbers are forwarded to their respective local numbers. You picked up on the fact that one of my numbers had not yet been ported over, so you swung into action, contacted me and resolved the problem. If half of the businesses in customer service had half of the commitment, dedication and personal service as 1800MARKETER, dealing in customer service would be more tolerable, and even pleasurable. Thank you Rita, Bill and Hope for your excellent customer service experience!!

Aaron Siegel

Berkley, MI

I very much appreciate you helping me find a number that is just the right thing for me .I am only in business only a few short weeks of the year, but I am sure you agree its is absolutely critical that thousands and thousands of children get a hold of me at that time. your expediency and individual help made that now possible. Thank you.

Jon Paudler