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What does your number Spell?

By Bill Quimby on May 9, 2023

We’ve added a tab in the search results for SPELLING which shows what any 7 digit number spells. I started a big data push right before the pandemic and have been working on it in a variety of ways and this is the most visible part of it. Just type in any number in the lookup tool on the top of the page at TollFreeNumbers.com and in the spelling tab, it’ll now show you what it spells.

There are other tools out there, but none as thorough, or as smart. They are usually made by programmers with very little knowledge of the vanity number business, just taking a dictionary and looking for anything in the dictionary anywhere in the number. We tried using a dictionary as a doublecheck but had to discard the idea because almost 75% of the things we search for aren’t in a dictionary. Other tools also don’t know the importance or value of the words a number spells. The goal isn’t really to throw more mud up against the wall, but to KNOW for every 7 digit number what the most valuable thing it spells is.

If you enter digits our lookup will show you the most valuable term right in the title along with the digits.This sounds simple but requires a lot of data, experience and knowledge within the vanity number business to do this. We also have a bulk spell checker, that you can enter a list of phone numbers and see the best vanity terms for each of those numbers sorted by value.

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Michael Conner

Perry, GA

let me tell you-- with Bill Quimby PERSONALLY helping me (and the great assistance of you (Rita) and Gloria!) everything went great. I had picked out one number BUT Bill picked out a better one!!! I am so pleased and this is going to help me grow my business sooo much! Thanks so much for your help. I was so hesitant to do this because there are so many negative things written on the internet about services" such as this that had me quite concerned, but this is THE REAL DEAL!!! I called a couple of the references that you publish and they both said that Quimby and Company are genuine, and that's a fact! Thanks again.

David Buckler

Granbury, TX

I just wanted to express my highest recommendation to your company. From start to finish the service and professionalism was terrific! Your team secured my Law Firm a unbelievable vanity 800 number at a very fair price. I would highly recommend tollfreenumbers.com to anyone wishing to get a toll free number at a reasonable price. Thank you

Scott Grabel

Williamston, MI